Activities for Just One Bee by Margrete Lamond & Anthony Bertini

Just One Bee written by Margrete Lamond & Anthony Bertini and illustrated by Christopher Nielsen is a standout for this year’s CBCA Shortlist Picture Book. Not only are the illustrations exceptional but the story offers young audiences an opportunity to make real world connections to their role in climate change and how working together in small ways can make a big difference.

The Blurb: JUST ONE BEE is a story of hope, determination, and never giving up: the story of One-bee and her dream to revert desolate wastes back to fields of flowers.

Teaching ideas:

  • Look at the impact that the bees have on the environment and the implications for the human food supply if bees were to become extinct.
  • Build a bee flower garden at your school. Encourage families to plant flowers in their gardens at home.
  • Look at the anatomy and lifecycle of the bee.
  • Compare the bee characters in the story.
  • Go for a Bee Wander around your school. Tally and graph the flowers and bees that students spot.
  • Use this book for senses writing… students imaging themselves in the desolate, barren landscape… and then compare that to the lush and blooming flower fields.

Try it Out

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