Activities for Iceberg by Claire Saxby

Iceberg written by Claire Saxby and illustrated by Jess Racklyeft may just be the triumph of 2022 picture books. A must-have, keep forever type book for your classroom library…

Books+Publishing says: ‘Richly informative and brimming with detailed facts presented in lyrical, sophisticated, evocative language … Text and image balance each other perfectly in their delicate yet powerful tone. An expert merging of knowledge with grace.’ 

This stunning book offers a raft of quality text teaching opportunities.

Teaching ideas:

  • Word choice! This book is filled with rich descriptive vocabulary. Explore synonyms for less common words.
  • Use the five +1 senses writing technique to write about what it would be like in Antarctica during the year.
  • Explore the changing seasons and the variety of wild life that live and visit throughout the year.
  • Have student’s research Antarctica and write an information report.
  • Build an Iceberg and it’s environment diorama.

Check out these activities to support using Iceberg in the classroom.

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