5 Fun Phonics Activities for Early Readers

I love teaching phonics! Phonic knowledge is the foundation for reading and success in Literacy, that’s why it is so important to get it right. I have always used the Jolly Phonics program for explicit teaching, and then used a range of fun games and activities to reinforce and help the kiddos learn the sounds through many different exposures. Here are just some of the fun ways you can get your kindergarten students on the path to successful reading and writing…

1. Phonics Headbands

This year, I’ll be trying something new after explicitly teaching each sound – instead of using the regular old phonics coloring page, I’m going to get my kiddos to make a headband! I got the idea from my own children who just love a good headband/crown-making activity. The idea is that the kiddos learn the sound and then they wear the headband for the rest of the day… everyone they come across will ask what their headband is about and they will tell them all about the letter they learned, the sound it makes, and the words that start with that sound. As long as they’re wearing the headband they will be constantly exposed to it!

Check them out below and download your freebie!

2. Hands-On Learning With Play Dough

Kids love play dough and there are so many benefits to using it in the classroom. As well as reiterating letter and sound relationships… he acts of squishing, rolling, flattening, and more help children develop muscles used in their hands for fine motor movements useful in the future, such as holding a pencil or using scissors.

3. Phonics Games

Phonics games are a motivating way to practice vowel sounds, beginning sounds, blending, segmenting and digraphs. Children learn from each other and develop valuable social skills like communication and taking turns at the same time!

Check out these phonics games that my students have loved year on year:

4. Phonics Crafts

A fun craft activity is a great way to round off a day of learning a new sound. Think ‘crown’ for ‘c’…. ‘flower’ for ‘f’…. ‘bird’ for ‘b’ and so on.

5. Phonics Writing Activities

Teaching phonics, writing letters, and understanding their relationship go hand in hand. That’s why I always get my kiddos using the letters they have learned to read and write sentences from very early on in Kindergarten. As well as a range of mini whiteboard writing activities, I use a ‘sentence a day’ writing booklet so that the children can also practice using a pencil as well. Here is what I use:

Visit Little Learner Hub to find more great teaching resources!



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