Engaging And Fun Science Experiments for National Science Week

The annual National Science Week Australia 2022 will be held between the 13th and 21st of August. This is a wonderful opportunity for classrooms across Australia to celebrate all things science and technology!

Here are some quick, easy and fun experiments to try out this year!

Make Ice Cream

This is one of my favourite classroom experiments. I made this video to go with it, so it’s easy for the kiddos to follow along in the classroom and can also be linked with procedure writing.

Check out these differentiated procedure writing worksheets that go with the video:

Make Paper Airplanes

Paper airplanes are always a hit and there are just so many ways to incorporate STEM outcomes into these lessons.

Make Pine Cone Bird Feeders

I do this every year and my kiddos love this experiment. We try different construction techniques, hanging locations and ways to stick the bird seed to the pine cone.

Here is a simple procedure to get you started:

Grab all three of these great experiments in this bundle:

Visit Mrs L’s Little Learners to find more great teaching resources!

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