Great Books to Teach Procedure Writing

1. Wombat Stew by Marcia K. Vaughan

This classic Australian picture book is my absolute favourite when it comes to teaching procedure writing. The story follows a hungry dingo intent on cooking up a delicious wombat stew for tea. Lucky for the wombat, the other bush animals make a number of cooking suggestions designed to trick the dingo and help their friend escape.

The repetitive nature of Wombat Stew really engages children and they very quickly, start joining in with the catchy wombat stew rhyme. This makes sequencing and writing a recipe procedure a breeze. The kiddos love collecting the ingredients and writing their recipe.

2. How To Sneak Your Monster Into School by Christopher Francis

This book is so much fun. It follows a young boy as he humorously goes through the various steps that are needed to sneak a monster into school. Kiddos love brainstorming different ways to sneak their own imaginary monster into school.

3. ALL of the Adam Wallace ‘How To’ Books!

How to catch a mermaid… a dinosaur… a yeti… there are just so many great titles to choose from. These books also create fantastic opportunities for children to use STEM and demonstrate their creativity where they can design and make their own traps.

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