Setting High Expectations for Kindergarten Sentence Writing

As a kindergarten teacher, you know how important it is to set high expectations for your student’s writing skills. One crucial aspect of writing is sentence construction, which requires a strong understanding of punctuation, capitalization, finger spacing, sight words, and meaning. Here are the five writing expectations that I set for my kindergarten students at the beginning of their sentence-writing journey.

  1. Punctuation

Punctuation is an essential aspect of sentence writing that helps to clarify meaning and enhance communication.

  1. Capital Letters

Capitalization is another important aspect of sentence writing that helps to distinguish proper nouns and the beginning of a sentence.

  1. Finger Spaces

Finger spacing is an essential aspect of sentence writing that helps students to develop their handwriting skills and to distinguish between words.

  1. Sight Words

Sight words are words that students should be able to recognize immediately, without sounding them out. Displaying taught sight words and using word walls will help your students develop valuable spelling skills.

  1. Does It Make Sense?

Finally, it is essential to ensure that sentences make sense and convey a clear message. To set high expectations for meaning, you can ask questions like, “Does the sentence make sense?” and “Does the sentence convey a clear message?”

By using this five-star writing checklist, you can set high expectations for your kindergarten students’ sentence writing. You can use it to provide feedback that is specific and actionable, helping your students to improve their writing skills over time.

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