Free 2023 Printable Calendar

This year seemed to be endless at times but 2023 is almost here so we might as well start getting ready for it! That means it’s time to pick a new 2023 calendar to help you stay organised and keep track of events all year long. Grab your free download here. Visit Little Learner Hub to findContinue reading “Free 2023 Printable Calendar”

The Best Books About Space for Kids

World Space Week is a UN-declared celebration of space held annually, every October 4 to 10. It is the largest space event in the world and an ideal time for teachers and educators to use space-based activities to excite students about science and technology. What will I be reading in the classroom for World SpaceContinue reading “The Best Books About Space for Kids”

Super Fun Halloween Writing Activities

Kids love Halloween… The costumes, the candy, the spooky stories! The month of October is the perfect opportunity to engage students in writing and get those creative juices flowing. These Halloween writing activities will help your students create a creepy tale or two. 1. Haunted House For Sale A school I used to teach atContinue reading “Super Fun Halloween Writing Activities”

Teaching Ideas for The Fire Wombat by Jackie French

The Fire Wombat – Notable for the 2021 CBCA Book of The Year The publishers say…   As the flames of a bushfire approach, one small wombat shelters with other animals in her burrow. But that is just the beginning of their journey to safety.Based on events witnessed by Australian Children’s Laureate Jackie French duringContinue reading “Teaching Ideas for The Fire Wombat by Jackie French”

First Day of School with The Kissing Hand

As a kindergarten teacher, I understand the importance of creating a safe and welcoming environment for my students, especially on their first day of school. That’s why I love incorporating Audrey Penn’s heartwarming book, “The Kissing Hand,” into my first-day activities. This sweet story not only helps to alleviate separation anxiety but also sets theContinue reading “First Day of School with The Kissing Hand”

Teaching Ideas for Ellie’s Dragon by Bob Graham

Ellie’s Dragon – Shortlisted for the 2021 CBCA Book of The Year: Early Childhood. The publishers say… No friendship is imaginary.  When Ellie is very little, she finds a newborn dragon fresh from the egg on a supermarket shelf, and calls him Scratch. He is quite the sweetest thing she has ever seen! From thatContinue reading “Teaching Ideas for Ellie’s Dragon by Bob Graham”

Anemone is not the Enemy by Anna McGregor

Anemone is not the Enemy – Shortlisted for the 2021 CBCA Book of The Year: Early Childhood. This quirky and humorous picture book tells the story of a sea anemone who lives alone in a rock pool and desperately wants a friend … The story follows a series of conversations between the anemone and theContinue reading “Anemone is not the Enemy by Anna McGregor”

Sing Me the Summer by Jane Godwin & Alison Lester

CBCA 2021 Shortlist – Picture Book of the Year nominee Sing Me the Summer. is the latest from the perfect picture book pairing from Jane Godwin and Alison Lester. This beautiful story takes the reader on a journey through Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring and back to Summer again. It follows the change of seasons andContinue reading “Sing Me the Summer by Jane Godwin & Alison Lester”

Teaching Activities for Not cute. by Philip Bunting

CBCA 2021 Shortlist – Picture Book of the Year nominee Not cute. is the latest book from the much-celebrated author and illustrator Philip Bunting. Not cute. is a funny story about an adorable Quokka who wishes to be described as anything but cute. He would prefer to be dangerous, scary or ferocious. Quokka encounters aContinue reading “Teaching Activities for Not cute. by Philip Bunting”

Using Newman’s Prompts in Lower Primary

Young children are natural problem solvers: that is how they learn. I was first introduced to Newman’s Error Analysis by a numeracy consultant many years ago and it has been the basis of my problem solving teaching ever since. Problem solving is an important way of learning, because it motivates children to connect previous knowledgeContinue reading “Using Newman’s Prompts in Lower Primary”