Fun Classroom Activities for The Speedy Sloth

National Simultaneous Storytime is an annual event that promotes literacy and storytelling across Australia. Each year, a new children’s book is chosen to be read aloud in classrooms and libraries across the country. For National Simultaneous Storytime 2023, the book “The Speedy Sloth” by Rebecca Young and Heath McKenzie has been selected. This delightful storyContinue reading “Fun Classroom Activities for The Speedy Sloth”

5 Fun Classroom Writing Activities to Try This Spring

With Spring just around the corner, there are plenty of topics that can inspire your student’s writing. From planting seeds to catching leprechauns, here are five fun writing activities to try this March. 2. How to Catch a Leprechaun Writing for St. Patrick’s Day – St. Patrick’s Day is a fun holiday that kids love.Continue reading “5 Fun Classroom Writing Activities to Try This Spring”

Growing Magic Beanstalks In The Classroom

Spring is just around the corner, and with it comes the perfect opportunity for lower elementary teachers to engage their young students in a fun and educational activity: growing beans! One way to make this activity more exciting and relatable for children is to tie it in with the classic fairy tale, “Jack and theContinue reading “Growing Magic Beanstalks In The Classroom”

The Wonders of Hatching Eggs in the Kindergarten Classroom

As teachers and educators, it’s always exciting to find new ways to make learning fun and engaging for our young students. Hatching eggs in the kindergarten classroom is one way to do just that. Not only is it a fun and interactive activity, but it also provides numerous educational and personal benefits for our youngestContinue reading “The Wonders of Hatching Eggs in the Kindergarten Classroom”

Engaging And Fun Science Experiments for National Science Week

The annual National Science Week Australia 2022 will be held between the 13th and 21st of August. This is a wonderful opportunity for classrooms across Australia to celebrate all things science and technology! Here are some quick, easy and fun experiments to try out this year! Make Ice Cream This is one of my favouriteContinue reading “Engaging And Fun Science Experiments for National Science Week”