Creating a Classroom Filled With Kindness + Bucket Filler Freebie

Creating a positive and encouraging classroom filled with kindness and respect is something we start working on from day one.  I always start the year by reading the book Have You Filled a Bucket Today? by Carol McCloud. The bucket filling concept explained in the book acts as a powerful classroom management strategy all year through. ItContinue reading “Creating a Classroom Filled With Kindness + Bucket Filler Freebie”

How to Catch a Turkey – STEM and Procedural Writing

I always love doing procedural writing… but a procedural writing activity that lends itself to STEM is the BEST! Reading the book How to Catch a Turkey by Adam Wallace & Andy Elkerton is the perfect starting point for this fun and engaging project-based learning Thanksgiving activity. The kiddos love being creative and designing theirContinue reading “How to Catch a Turkey – STEM and Procedural Writing”

Super Fun Halloween Writing Activities

Kids love Halloween… The costumes, the candy, the spooky stories! The month of October is the perfect opportunity to engage students in writing and get those creative juices flowing. These Halloween writing activities will help your students create a creepy tale or two. 1. Haunted House For Sale A school I used to teach atContinue reading “Super Fun Halloween Writing Activities”