Setting High Expectations for Kindergarten Sentence Writing

As a kindergarten teacher, you know how important it is to set high expectations for your student’s writing skills. One crucial aspect of writing is sentence construction, which requires a strong understanding of punctuation, capitalization, finger spacing, sight words, and meaning. Here are the five writing expectations that I set for my kindergarten students atContinue reading “Setting High Expectations for Kindergarten Sentence Writing”

Building Confident Writers: The Power of Kindergarten Writing with Decodable Sentences

Kindergarten is an exciting time for young learners, as they begin to explore the world of reading and writing. Decodable sentences are an effective tool that can help children develop their writing skills at this stage. Decodable sentences are sentences that follow a pattern and include words that can be easily sounded out by children.Continue reading “Building Confident Writers: The Power of Kindergarten Writing with Decodable Sentences”