Super Fun Halloween Writing Activities

Kids love Halloween… The costumes, the candy, the spooky stories! The month of October is the perfect opportunity to engage students in writing and get those creative juices flowing.

These Halloween writing activities will help your students create a creepy tale or two.

1. Haunted House For Sale

A school I used to teach at had a Halloween fete every year and one of the sponsors was a real estate company. They would post amazing Haunted House For Sale signs outside the school. It was a perfect opportunity for descriptive writing activities that could engage even the most reluctant writer.

2. Room on the Broom

This Julia Donaldson book is one of my year round favourite picture books – especially perfect for Halloween! There are just so many wonderful teaching opportunities in this story. Here are some activities that I have created…

3. Senses Writing

Senses writing is such an effective scaffold to encourage descriptive writing. Students use their senses to imagine what it would be like to trick or treat at a haunted house or meet a monster, a witch or a ghost.

4. Procedural Writing

Procedure writing is my favourite to teach. The structure and sequencing skills students learn when writing a procedure are so easily transferrable. October is a great time to hone those procedure writing skills because Halloween procedures can be so much fun, engaging and creative!

How to sneak a monster into school is always a winner! There is a great text that you can buy to go with it here: PROCEDURAL WRITING – How to Sneak your Monster into School

How to make a Jack O’Lantern is fun and can be hands-on. Great for home-school, and family writing fun. Use this YouTube video tutorial to help your students with the steps.

5. Descriptive Writing

Halloween is full of weird and wonderful creatures and settings that capture the imagination. Have your students draw spooky characters like witches, wizards and goblins then write a description.

Try it Out!

Visit Little Learner Hub to find more great teaching resources!



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