All The Ways To Be Smart Activities For Back To School

All The Ways To Be Smart by Davina Bell and Allison Colpoys is a beautifully illustrated book that celebrates the many talents of every child. Inspired by Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences, the author explores the concept of intelligence and the unique qualities of every child. This book has fast become one of my first week of school go tos and I always pull it out when my kiddos need a confidence boost.


+ Creativity

+ Empathy

+ Multiple intelligences

+ Physical activity

+ Teamwork

Classroom Activities

+ Discuss all the different ways the children were smart in the book. Have the children recognise their own ‘smarts’ and the ‘smarts’ of their classmates.

“Folding aeroplanes for flying… smart is kindness when there’s crying.”

+ Write a procedure and build paper aeroplanes together and then investigate how far they can fly.

Try It Out

Click here to buy this resource:

How To Make A Paper Airplane

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