5 Picture Books To Teach Young Children About Anzac Day

Anzac Ted by Belinda Landsberry

This is my absolute favourite Anzac Day book for young learners.

Anzac Ted is the powerful, poignant story of a little boy’s teddy bear that was passed down to him from his grandfather. Battered, torn, missing an eye and an ear, he might look scary but he’s got a great story to tell. For Anzac Ted went to war, keeping soldiers company and giving them comfort. And while he never won a medal, and now doesn’t even attract a single vote at classroom Toy Shows, if only everyone looked a little deeper: ‘They’d see a hero, plain as day Who sits upon my bed. A hero, who saved me and you. His name … is Anzac Ted.’”

Check out these activities to support using this powerful story in the classroom.

My Grandad Marches on Anzac Day by Catriona Hoy & Benjamin Johnson

This picture book is a fantastic introduction to ANZAC Day for small children and the honouring of soldiers who went and served in different wars for our country.  The story is told by a young girl as she awakes early to attend the dawn service where her grandfather marches each year.

Check out these activities to support using this book in the classroom.

Anzac Biscuits by Phil Cummings & Owen Swan

I also love this very cleverly written and illustrated story about a mother and daughter at home in Australia around the time of World War 1. They are baking Anzac biscuits for their solider dad on one page and show him fighting in the war on the other. The two alternate lives are linked by similar imagery in both – smoke from wood fire on one page and smoke in the war fields on the other etc.

Check out these activities to support using this story in the classroom.

Anzac Day Parade by Glenda Kane and Lisa Allen

This is a great book to introduce quite complex vocabulary to little learners.

A poignant look at war through the eyes of a former member of the 18th Battalion. Told in rhyme it takes place on Anzac Day when an old man and a young boy meet – the young boy wide-eyed and wanting to hear the glories of war and death; the old man quietly sad to remember the reality of what was faced.

Check out these activities to support using this book in the classroom.

Only a Donkey by Celeste Walters & Patricia Mullins

Only a Donkey is a wonderful introduction to the story of Simpson and his Donkey for young children.

“At the farm, the donkey is teased by the other animals – especially the bull! Then one night the donkey has a magical dream. The following morning, the all set out on an amazing journey.

This uplifting story of humility, courage and compassion weaves in the heroic Anzac legend of Simpson and the Donkey. Lyrically told and beautifully illustrated, it is a story that demands to be read and re-read, while the timeless themes will inspire readers of all ages.”

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