Celebrating the 100th Day of School: Fun Activities for Kindergarten

The 100th day of school is a milestone that students, teachers, and parents look forward to every year. It’s a chance to celebrate all the hard work that has been put in and to reflect on the growth and progress made so far.

Here are some fun and creative activities that you can do in your kindergarten classroom to celebrate this special occasion:

  1. Count to 100: This is a classic activity that is both fun and educational. You can have your students count various objects, like candies or stickers, to 100 or have them work together to form a human chain that reaches 100 steps.
  2. 100th Day Crowns: Have your students make their very own 100th Day crowns. All you need is some construction paper, markers, and stapler. Encourage your students to decorate their crowns with 100 items, such as stickers, cut-out numbers, or small drawings.
  3. 100th Day Snacks: Encourage your students to bring in 100 of their favorite snack to share with the class. You can have a snack time where everyone gets to sample all the different snacks and talk about why they chose what they did.
  4. 100th Day Parade: This is a fun and active way to celebrate the 100th day of school. Have your students dress up in 100-themed costumes and have a parade around the school. You can have the students play instruments, carry signs, and chant “100 days of school!”
  5. 100th Day Art: Encourage your students to create 100th Day art. This could be a painting, a collage, or a sculpture. Provide materials such as paper, glue, and craft supplies, and encourage your students to be creative and use 100 items in their artwork.

These activities are just a few of the many fun and engaging ways to celebrate the 100th day of school with your kindergarten students. Whatever you choose to do, make sure it is both fun and educational, and most importantly, celebrate the growth and progress your students have made so far!

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